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The Benefits

The Benefits

Incorporating a ColdPICK Mobile Pre-cooler into your cold supply chain management practices will enhance your product and as a result, your profits. Our innovative rapid cooling technology streamlines fresh produce temperature management, with remarkable results. Our pre-coolers:

Reduce respiration rates
Within an hour of harvest, we cool your produce to its optimal storage temperature, slowing the respiration rate to retain greater moisture and nutritional value.

Slow ripening
Low temperatures reduce the natural production of and sensitivity to ethylene. This gives you greater control over the ripening process.

Lower the risk of chilling injury
Stacks of flats or lugs go through our pre-cooler single file. This improves air flow and ensures that every flat receives equal and even cooling.

Speed time to market
Our on-site pre-coolers make streamlining the cold chain possible by eliminating the need for the tunneling step at the distribution center. In fact, once cooled, you can take your produce directly to the customer.

Increase shelf life
Studies have shown that cooling fresh produce quickly and keeping it at a consistent temperature can increase shelf life by days, even weeks. Your produce not only gets to the fresh market faster, it stays on the market longer.

Reduce water loss
By quickly reducing respiration, we reduce water loss so your produce will not lose weight, wilt, shrivel, or soften as quickly.

Slow spoilage
By getting produce into the cold chain quickly, we reduce exposure to contaminants and pathogenic organisms and slow the growth of spoilage bacteria.

Reduce labor costs
By reducing the number of touch points, we reduce labor costs and also minimize bruising and other mechanical injuries to your produce.

Increase profits
The faster your produce is cooled the better its quality and the more likely it can be sold at premium cost in the fresh market. You will also have more time to manage produce going to secondary processing customers.

Reduce market barriers
The portability of our mobile pre-cooler makes you less vulnerable to rising real estate costs and other infrastructure and storage considerations. You can locate your farm anywhere and handle storage with the ColdPICK mobile pre-cooler.