Product Tailoring

Product Tailoring

Improved management of the cold supply chain can yield not only better produce but better profits. However, fine tuning your cold chain properly hinges on a number of factors, not the least of which is your crop. Working together, we learn more about your products, your business, your challenges, and your goals. Then we devise a solution that fits seamlessly with your established operations and maximizes the potential of ColdPICK postharvest technology to your advantage.


Common Considerations

You have a crop that is sensitive to temperature fluctuations.Control-Panel-cropped

The ColdPICK Mobile Pre-coolers feature an Adaptive Refrigeration System that offers very precise temperature controls capable of chilling produce to any desired temperature 31°F or higher. The Adaptive Refrigeration System includes a state-of-the-art onboard control system that monitors refrigeration and automatically adjusts to account for current operating conditions. After pre-cooling, pallets can be maintained to within 1.5°F for up to five hours in the refrigerated truck or in the dock under specially designed insulated blankets.

You offer a mix of commodities.Mixed-Fruit-square

There are numerous variables that can affect the pre-cooling of fresh produce including: the natural characteristics of different types of produce, product packaging requirements, and the temperature of the produce when it enters pre-cooling. ColdPICK’s Adaptive Refrigeration System makes fine tuning the pre-cooler’s operation parameters easy, allowing for it to be used with a wide variety of produce and packaging.

You have complicated packaging requirements.Raspberries-square

We’re able to adapt stack and pallet dimensions to accommodate a wide range of packaging needs. In addition, we consider your regular workflow and integrate the ColdPICK Mobile Pre-cooler within your routine. Final packaging can be conducted prior to pre-cooling or after as required. Our professional packaging specialist can also help to customize and design packaging to suit your product and workflow.