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Extended Services

Extended Services

Whether to drive productivity gains or improve risk management, the collection and aggregation of agricultural, operational, and sales data gives fresh harvest agricultural operators greater control over their product. To help our clients establish the best operations possible, we offer several complementary services that build on the data systems, functionality, and efficiency already offered by the ColdPICK Mobile Pre-cooler.

Remote Data Tracking

Agricultural data is an effective tool for analyzing the efficiency of your operations. Using this data, you can improve crop management and increase the yield of your harvest. Based on your needs, we can set up a GSM or satellite-based tracking system to monitor a variety of data points including ambient temperature and humidity in the field, weather patterns, crop yields, and more.

Remote Trouble Shooting

Thanks to the ColdPICK Mobile Pre-cooler’s Automated Refrigeration System, trouble shooting can be done by remote via a GSM or satellite-based system. You can monitor the status of your unit at all times, and make manual adjustments by remote if needed.

RFID Tagging

We can set up an automated radio-frequency identification (RFID) tagging system within your ColdPICK Mobile Pre-cooler unit. A sticker tag will be attached to stacks as they move through pre-cooling, enabling you to track and gather data on the original ambient temperature of your produce, the chill temperature, the fluctuation of air speed, the target temperature achieved, and more.