ColdPICK Cold Chain

ColdPICK Cold Chain

Proper temperature management is crucial to reducing produce spoilage and extending postharvest shelf-life. Early pre-cooling greatly reduces respiration rates and prevents moisture loss, improving the quality and marketability of fresh produce.

We pre-cool fresh produce immediately, in the field, eliminating the delays found in traditional cold chain management between handling, packaging, shipping, and storage.

Here’s how ColdPICK Mobile Pre-coolers revolutionize the cold chain.

The ColdPICK Solution. 1. Pallet is moved into loading zone of ColdPICK pre cooler (Not part of cold chain). 2. Pallet is moved to central cooling chamber for 1 hour. 3. Pallet transfers to unloading zone and shrouded with insulated blanket (part of cold chain). 4. Insulated pallets are transported to warehouse or can be cross docked.